Creations in marble by Stefano Boeri, Stefano Giovannoni, Alessandro Mendini, Paolo Ulian.

8 – 13 aprile 2014 | Milano, Ventura Lambrate For the upcoming Furniture Show, Robot City - Italian Art Factory, a new wholly Italian creative and business organization helmed by Gualtiero Vanelli, presents a new, specially-produced project to the international design community. The project combines design, art, architecture and music, forming a single harmonious choreography. Starring marble.
“Solid Senses” is, first and foremost, a creative project transformed into an exhibition. Four important personalities from different generations and trends in architecture and design were invited to work on a valuable material, Carrara marble, to create unique objects.
Specially for Robot City - Italian Art Factory, Stefano Boeri, Stefano Giovannoni, Alessandro Mendini and Paolo Ulian made a series of original works, in limited series. Valuable furnishing objects, that develop from the “eternal white material,” and give unexpected twists to the interchange between form, function, visual appearance, ergonomics, tradition and innovation. Each of them enhanced the expressive and functional potential of this ancient, fascinating material, transforming it into advanced contemporary expressions according to their personal style and language.
All the objects in the “Solid Senses” project were made from a single block of marble of rare quality, weighing 38.750 tonnes, taken from the quarries owned by Gualtiero Vanelli, following the guidelines of a business approach underscored by the highest principles of eco-sustainability in all production phases. The materials were worked with a combination of high technology and robotically-controlled processes, with skilled supervision by expert marble artisans.