Robot City


The Italia Pavilion at the recently inaugurated Expo 2015 will be presenting a work by Robot City. The company collaborated with the Italian artist, Vanessa Beecroft, to create a sculpture specially commissioned for the Italia Pavilion. Beecroft is an internationally well-known artist and has created “Jennifer Statuario” for the national pavilion, a work composed of two sculptures, both created for the actual cast of the artist’s sister using 4 blocks of marble coated in blue wax. The sculpture is classically gurative: the breasts, hands and feet of the original gure have been replaced by feet, hands and breasts in white veined translucent onyx, much more similar to the original model and the idea of the artist, an operation similar to that of a recently completed collage.

The position of the sculpture (upside down), the compression between four blocks of marble, and the use of white onyx, destabilizes the idea of classicism and approaches the concept of “membre fantome” which the artist investigates in the photographs of the performance and drawings from 1993 to the present. The fragmentation of the body is a synonym for the loss of individuality, and as in Beecroft’s case, female.

This union between Vanessa Beecroft preneur Gualtiero Vanelli is a seasoned one: on May 24th, 2014, Beecroft was the artistic director of Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West, using an installation of her own works produced by Robot City. “Jennifer Statuario” was chosen by the artistic director of the Italia Pavilion, Marco Balich, and is amongst the select works which had the honor of representing the artistic and cultural heritage of Italy at the 2015 Expo.

The work will be exposed on the ground floor of Palazzo Italia along with Hora, a piece that portrays Autumn with the rst fruits of the season in her womb, in marble from the 1st century AC from the Uffizi Gallery collection in Florence.