Robot City


04-04-2017 / 08-04-2017

In a sparkling Milan busy hosting events and private cocktail receptions, openng their lounges and revealing its secret gardens, the Salone del Mobile and the multitude of cultural events known as Fuori Salone represented an opportunity to present White Slave, a new project produced by Robot City, a result of a successful collaboration between the entrepreneur and patron Gualtiero Vanelli and the artist Giuseppe Veneziano.

Along one of the most elegant streets of the historic center, at Artcurial in Italia on Corso Venezia 22, a stunning setting has allowed the public to make a leap into “Wonderland”. Beyond a fantastic keyshaped treshold, visitor had to become small in order to be able to view the silent dialogue between Giuseppe Veneziano’s two White slaves depicting Snow White, a sculpture in Carrara statuario marble made in the laboratories of Robot City, which stands on a large red carpet and the painting from which it draws inspiration.

Snow White emerges out of the fairy tale to tell another story, no longer innocent, ideally winking at the week dedicated to design, but oppenly looks atthe visitor straight in the face and becomes the protagonist of a sensual game in which, in spite of the title and laces on the wrists, she is the master.

The encounter with Gualtiero Vanelli, the heir to Carrara’s marble manufacturing tradition in which his family has been engaged in for hundreds of years, has finally allowed Giuseppe Veneziano, a renowned New Pop italian (italian Newbrow) to experiment with marble for the first time. According to a communion of intentions to promote constant linguistic experimentation within the boundaries of tradition, the painting becomes a sculpture, translating the subject from the two-dimensionality of painting to a round plastic-shape.

White Slave is inspired by a wider path introduced by Gualtiero Vanelli with the goal of projecting marble, noble material par excellence, into a more contemporary use through the employment of high technology systems and robotic processes in synergy with the most attentive nd expert craftsmen.

Vittorio Sgarbi explained exactly this on Monday, April 3rd, in front of an audience of workmen who had come to see the unveiling under the expert guidance of the renowned critic.

The festivities continued over the course of the evening: at 7 pm, Gualtiero Vanelli and Giuseppe Veneziano cut the ribbon and guests, tourists and visitors began entering the exhibition accompanied by the internationally renowned sax musician Michael Ghegan. In this side hall of Palazzo Crespi, the Gelostandard company offered a special red apple ice cream tasting thanks to a machine made entirely of Carrara marble, designed to revolutionize the world of ice cream.

During its five day course, the set was visited by countless people and charged by festive atmosphere that permeated Milan and the spring heat, cuntered pleasantly with the freshly-baked apple ice cream, freely distributed everydat from 6.30 pm.

Social networks reported a very high level of participation, as #Whiteslave trended on Instagram and garnered enthusiastic shots of visitors posing as the Venezian’os Snow White or interacting with the figure.
Many Vips visited the show, from the singer Dente to writer Andrea Pinketts, but an exceptional presence was that of Belen Rodriguez who unleashed an infinite array of curious fans and paparazzi outside the exhibition venue.